Keep Walking® announces its first comparative and prospective clinical trial at European level

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The Spanish company Tequir is introducing the femoral implant Keep Walking® at the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) World Congress in Lyon. Keep Walking® is a single solution that brings the benefits of distal support to all transfemoral amputees.

In addition to introducing the results of the multicenter clinical trial conducted in Spain, Tequir has announced the development of a study with the implant Keep Walking® on a minimum of 100 patients who are going to be amputated for vascular reasons. Five hospitals from Spain, France, Germany and other European countries are being considered to participate in the trial.

For the first time, the trial will be comparative, prospective and randomized, with two groups of first-intention patients (patients who haven't been amputated yet): one of the groups with amputation and Keep Walking implant and another group with amputation and without any implants.

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