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"Improvement in functional capacity on transfemoral amputees after a keep Walking ends-implant with distal support". This is the lecture Dr. Guirao gave during the ISPO 2017 in Cape Town - South Africa.


The Spanish company Tequir is introducing the femoral implant Keep Walking® at the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) World Congress in Lyon. Keep Walking® is a single solution that brings the benefits of distal support to all transfemoral amputees.

In addition to introducing the results of the multicenter clinical trial conducted in Spain, Tequir has announced the development of a study with the implant Keep Walking® on a minimum of 100 patients who are going to be amputated for vascular reasons. Five hospitals from Spain, France, Germany and other European countries are being considered to participate in the trial.

For the first time, the trial will be comparative, prospective and randomized, with two groups of first-intention patients (patients who haven't been amputated yet): one of the groups with amputation and Keep Walking implant and another group with amputation and without any implants.


La société espagnole TEQUIR présente au congrès mondial de l’International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) à Lyon, l’implant fémoral Keep Walking®, unique solution qui apporte les bénéfices de l’appui distal à tous les amputés transfémoraux.

En plus de présenter les résultats d’essais cliniques multicentriques menés à bien en Espagne, TEQUIR a annoncé le développement d’une étude de l’implant Keep Walking® portant sur un minimum de 100 patients dont l’amputation est d’origine vasculaire. Cinq hôpitaux situés en Espagne, France, Allemagne et dans d’autres pays européens devraient y participer.

Pour la première fois, l’étude sera comparative, prospective et aléatoire, avec deux groupes de patients de première intention (jamais amputés) : un groupe avec prothèse Keep Walking® et l’autre sans


La empresa española Tequir presenta en el Congreso Mundial de la International Society of Prothesis and Othosis (ISPO) en Lyon el implante femoral Keep Walking®, única solución que aporta los beneficios del apoyo distal a todos los amputados transfemorales.

Además de presentar los resultados del ensayo clínico multicéntrico llevado a cabo en España, Tequir ha anunciado el desarrollo de un estudio con el implante Keep Walking® en un mínimo de 100 pacientes que vayan a ser amputados por motivos vasculares. Se baraja que en el estudio participen cinco hospitales de España, Francia, Alemania y otros países europeos

Por primera vez, el estudio será comparativo, prospectivo y aleatorio, con dos grupos de pacientes de primera intención (que aún no han sido amputados): un grupo con amputación e implante Keep Walking y otro con amputación y sin implante


The Keep Walking Femoral Implant is the solution for patients with a lower extremity amputation at femoral level. Keep Walking helps to improve the ambulation capacity, it augments proprioception and user’s comfort while wearing the prosthesis, and reduces problems that all too often are caused by the continuous use of a prosthesis with a femoral socket. It specially helps to reduce demineralization of the femoral bone (caused by changes in the distribution of charges) and alleviates the ischium support. These improvements are thanks to the distal support provided by the Keep Walking implant.

The KeepWalking implant is CE-mark approved for clinical use.

The ADVANCED device is under development.